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Designs Of The Year 2015 – Architecture


London’s Design Museum has announced the nominees for its 2015 Designs of the Year.

Now in its 8th year, Designs Of The Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enable access, extends design practice, or captures the spirit of the year over various categories.

The six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Product, Graphics, and Transport.

The 76 nominated projects will be showcased in the exhibition of nominees which opens at the Design Museum on 25 March, 2015. A specially selected jury will choose a winner for each category and an overall winner. The category winners will be announced on May 4 and the overall winner will be revealed during event at the Design Museum on June 4.

The Architecture category represents the fullest range of the build environment from small scale domestic to public parks.
Structures included in this are:

The Fondation Louis Vuitton which is the latest project from star architect Frank Gehry which houses temporary displays, a permanent art collection, and concerts in a ‘glass cloud’ of 12 curved sails that emerge from the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The building’s distinctive shape has been made using over 3000 curved and fritted glass panels.


The Desert Courtyard House in Phoenix, Arizona which is made of rammed earth walls built using soil from the desert and wrapped in a protective weathered steel shell, so to blend into the background.
The ceiling is made from mill-finished steel that has also been used internally for its slightly reflective finish and the darkness of its surface, which is intended to merge with the night sky, and in the evening the ceiling recedes into the night sky and the glass disappears so the interior and exterior feels like one large space as you look across the courtyard.
Materials from the surrounding area were also incorporated into the concrete plinth, which forms a contiguous surface that incorporates stairs, walls, benches and continues across the floor of the interior.


The Markthal Rotterdam is a €175m market hall that comes fully decorated in a giant floral mural. It also comes complete with 12 story apartments looping over. It is the Netherlands' first covered market and is located in the city center, and has space for 96 fresh produce stalls and 20 hospitality and retail units on the lower two floors.


The UC Innovation Center is Santiago, Chile has been designed to work with mother nature. The Building attempts to negate the elements by allowing air to circulate around a permeable atrium core, while opting for a windowless brutalist exterior that prevents the greenhouse effect of glass.


Here is the full list of nominations this year in the Architecture category.

Arena do Morro – A community sports centre for a Brazilian town.
Desert Courtyard House – A beautiful home made of desert soil.
Foundation Louis Vuitton – An expressive new form for an collection.
Forfatterhuset Kindergarten – A welcoming brick-clad school for under 6’s.
Garden School – A school with open spaces for nature built in.
House For Trees – A scheme bringing trees back to the city.
Long Museum West Bund – A modern Museum from a coal-loading point.
Markthal Rotterdam – An architectural rethink of the food market.
One Central Park – A residential development with vertical gardens.
Philharmonic Hall – A shimmering venue inspired by the city skyline.
Sancaklar Mosque – A place of worship in a prairie setting.
Saw Swee Hock Student Centre – A brick university centre on a complex London plot.
UC Innovation Center – An open and eco-friendly university building.
La Ultima Esperanza (The Last Hope) – An architecture school for a fishing community.
Waterbank Campus – A school campus that stores rain and builds peace.

For more information on this and to see the other categories please head on over to here.