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Dubai's Miracle Garden


Located within the ambitious entertainment complex Dubailand near the Arabian Ranches the Dubai Miracle Garden contains over 45 million flowers over a 72,000 sq metre site, as well as traditional flowerbeds, it features topiary-style displays with blooms fashioned into the shapes of many weird and wonderful things. It also features many restaurants and shops.


Other significant features include

* The Flower Castle - containing such things as hearts, stars, igloos, boats, archways, domes, tents, and a flower river, lake and fountain.
* 3 Giant Peacocks - two of them are with a very large fanlike opened tail, semi circle of 12 meters diameter, and one is with closed tail of 13 meters length designed with coloured flowers posed on the Green floor.
* 7 Flower Pyramids
* Floral Clock - around 13 meters in diameter, made out of real plants and flowers, and which a small bird come out from a wood house and tweet every 15 minutes.
* The Butterfly Garden - round shape garden designed in 3d and decorated with flowers which can hold up to 300 people at a time, and consists of 9 domes, each dome will be filled with different colours, sizes an species of lovely butterflies.
* Aromatic Plants Garden – An area which grows natures most powerful aromatic and medicinal plants from around over 200 countries around the world, where visitors can touch, smell and make their own cup of tea, fresh from the garden.
* The Edible Plants Garden - where people can pluck from trees the plants to make their own vegetable salad or the fruits to make their fruit salad as well, upon their choices.


Floral displays will change each season so that repeat visitors will have a new experience each time.

Developing this oasis in the desert has been no mean feat, but has been achieved through intricate and careful re-use of waste water, through drip irrigation.

Miracle Garden also holds the record in Guinness Book of Records for having the longest flower wall.


For more information please visit the Miracle Garden website.