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Lexdray SS13 and AW13 Ibiza Pack Preview

Expert bag makers Lexdray have given us a preview of their upcoming Ibiza Pack, made essentially with disc jockeys in mind. With enough compartments to satisfy any level of DJ the Ibiza Pack features the same high quality construction as the rest of the Lexdray range and comes with an all new custom Lexdray camo interior. As part of their 'City' series (which already includes the Tokyo Pack and the Manhattan Messenger) Lexdray have interviewed DJ Clark Kent who has produced the first in a series of special mixes the company will be releasing.

Take a look at the upcoming Lexdray Ibiza Pack, the current Tokyo Pack and the Manhattan Messenger Bag below. Listen to the special DJ Clark Kent City Mix Vol.1 here and view the rest of our Lexdray collection here.