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Sunday Inspiration "STREET" BY James Nares

STREET is an unscripted 61-minute high definition video filmed by artist James Nares over the course of a week in September 2011 which saw the video-artist record 16 hours of footage of everyday people walking the streets of Manhattan. From a moving car Nares used a high-definition camera (usually used to record fast-moving subjects such as speeding bullets and hummingbirds) to create a mesmerising experiment in the nuance and beauty of everyday people and people-watching. Providing a global view that extends beyond the streets of New York where it was filmed: from Battery Park to the furthest reaches of Upper Broadway, and West Side to East Side in Nares’ personal homage to actualité films. With music provided by long-time friend and Sonic Youth co- founder, Thurston Moore, Nares has created a beautiful take on a very urban jungle. Take a look at a two minute selection of the entire video here.