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Summer Sorbet Recipes

With the temperature starting to rise and summer just around the corner we will all inevitably be looking at ways to stay cool. So why not do that with a delicious Sorbet.
They are light and fluffy, very refreshing, and can include almost any fruit you want. They can also be made alcoholic if your hosting a party, and are super easy and quick to make.
So quick in fact that we have included not one, or two, but three recipes for you this week, including a wide variety of fruit.

Lemon sorbet


Serves 4

• 200 g sugar
• 3 unwaxed juicy lemons
• 500 ml water
• 50 ml grappa or vodka

1. Prepare syrup in a saucepan with the water, sugar and the zest of one of the lemons. Let it cool and discard the zest.
2. Add the grappa and juice of the 3 lemons.
3. Put in an ice cream machine until the mixture reaches the right consistency (for about 15-20 minutes).
4. Put in the freezer for 10 minutes and serve.

Recipe taken from here.

Cucumber, Lime & Basil Sorbet


Serves 6

• 5-6 Basil (leaves)
• ¼ Cup Lime (juice, & ½ teaspoon zest)
• 2 Cucumber (peeled & quartered)
• ½ Cup Sugar
• 1 Cup Water
• 1 Drop Of Food Colour
• Maraschino Cherry
• Basil (fresh leaves)

1. Boil half cup water with sugar until the sugar has melted and set aside.
2. Blend cucumber in food processor or smoothie blender with basil, lime juice and zest to a fine puree with remaining half cup of water.
3. Once sugar and water mix has cooled. Mix it in cucumber mixture with one drop of green colour (if using).
4. Leave mix in freezer to cool for 20 minutes or until semi-frozen. After 25 minutes, pour in blender and blend until ice crystal are very fine. Refreeze until ready to use. For finer sorbet consistency, repeat blending one more after 25 minutes and then freeze fully.
5. Take out of freezer 5 minutes before serving. Scoop into serving cups, garnish with basil and cherries, and serve immediately.

Recipe taken from here.

Simple Raspberry Sorbet


Serves 2

• 2 Cups frozen raspberries
• 2-3 tablespoons maple syrup or date syrup

1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Serve immediately or storing the freezer if you want it harder or want to eat it later.

Recipe taken from here.