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The Kode57 Supercar


After playing a significant part in designing and producing cars for Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati, Ken Okuyama has now branched out to release a Supercar of his own. Take a look at the ultra-sleek Kode57.

Unveiled during the Monterey Car Week in California last week even without knowing the background of Okuyama you’d be hard pressed to not notice the influence of the prancing horse.
Given the 57 number in reference as to what is regarded as the finest ever year for car building the Supercar sits on an aluminum chassis that has a striking resemblance to a Ferrari 599, and also uses the same engine a 599 has – a 6.0 litre V12 monster – however whereas the engine in the Ferrari punches out an impressive 612 bhp, the engineers at Ken Okuyama Design have actually managed to squeeze out a staggering 702 bhp. It also must be noted that it is set to be produced in the Rosso Red colourway synonymous with……well you guessed it.
Add to this the fact that due to it largely having a body that is made entirely out of carbon fibre it weighs in at roughly 3,200 pounds, which is no mean feat considering it is carrying extra fat in the form of a six-speed automatic transmission, power seats, A/C, and an adjustable steering common, the Kode57 really is impressive.

There’s no price points or release details yet, and you can be sure that it will be a limited release, with boxer Floyd Mayweather already rumoured to have parted with some cash to secure one.

You can see more pictures below, plus a little video, and be sure to head on over to Ken Okuyama’s website here for any updates.