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Vogue - Voice of a Century


Ladies hold on to your handbags, for the very first time we go behind the scenes at Vogue.

Vogue have announced the release of an exclusive and unique limited addition anthology. This book includes photographs, illustrations, correspondence, covers and new interviews.

Only 1,916 copies are printed in recognition of the year the magazine launched.

Voice of a Century is an set to be a read like no other, published by Genesis it will also have 100 Vogue Contributors, 500+ Images, 448 Pages, 20,000 words, be hand bound in Leather, Stamped by Mario Testino and signed by 8 contributors.

This stunning book is now available on pre order. Due this Autumn, and well worth the money if you can get your hands on one.

This book will unarguably be book of the year and most sought after gift for all fashionistas.

‘Vogue is fashion. Vogue changes peoples view and their take on how they see things’ Kate Moss.