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Y-3 Fall/Winter 2014 Show Heads to Paris

This week Y-3 took their Fall/Winter 2014 show to Paris, one of the world's leading fashion hotspots. Their latest collection definitely gets Cruise's seal of approval, but find out which controversial rapper was also their, scoping out a possible future collaboration.

Y-3 Fall/Winter2014 

After decamping from New York, the Y-3 Fall/Winter Show meandered its way through the Parisian streets and set up for the first time in one of fashion’s most beloved cities. Of course, it was the inimitable Yohji Yamamoto, Japan's most celebrated designer, who was behind yet another collection. 

His penchant for intricate, exuberant design is well known and, needless to say, Yamamoto's creative spirit was as potent as ever, this time drawing inspiration from superheroes in sixties comic books. This influence manifested itself subtly throughout the show, featuring cape–like silhouettes and shirts printed with favourite superhero catchphrases, such as ‘So we meet again.’ The footwear was equally inventive, with the usual range of fabrics and colours combining to create some truly exciting styles.

The grandeur of the occasion was also enough to arouse the interest of global superstar and controversial rapper Kanye West, whose keen interest in fashion is well documented. His appearance at the show coincides with a recent severed relationship with former sponsor Nike, as the rap star instead chose to joins forces with Adidas, who are behind the lucrative and luxury Y-3 label.

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