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iPhone – A History Of Apple Evolution

Seven years since the first ever release of the iPhone, the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook revealed the highly anticipated iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch on stage in California. Here we take a phone-by-phone look a the evolution of the iPhone.


iPhone (2007): Based on the iPod, the first ever iPhone was essentially a miniature computer that just happened to make phone calls. For the first time ever the mobile web was integrated so effectively into the handset enabling users to go on the internet, just as easy as the would send a text message.


iPhone 3G (2008): The Apple iPhone 3G boast an all-black glossy plastic casing. Physically similar to the iPhone, most of the improvements were to software. Despite little physical change, the new device was a success and sold out online before distribution to stores.


iPhone 3Gs (2009): On the outside, the device went largely unchanged, with most tweaks being on the ‘inside’. As with the previous 3G the phone was also available in white.


iPhone 4 (2010): In June 2010 the iPhone 4 was announced. It featured the most drastic shift in design with a new shape and the rounded plastic back and silver replaced with panes of glass. New features included a front-facing camera for video calling (or selfies).


iPhone 4s (2011): This was followed by the 4s in 2011, again, most of the changes were among components but Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, made her debut.


iPhone 5 (2012): This device maintained the aesthetic established with the iPhone 4, but was much thinner and lighter, all encasing was black (unless you opted for the white version) and a mostly matte aluminium back panel.


iPhone 5s/5c (2013): Available in gold, silver and black, once again the 5s device was mainly software alterations. However, with the introduction of iOS7 it was the most significant change to date. The 5c, largely similar to the iPhone 4s, came in an assortment of colours including green, blue, yellow, pink and white.


iPhone 6 and 6 plus (2014): Apple announced two new iPhones at the same time, despite both models being significantly larger in size than the iPhone 5s (the iPhone 6 at 4.7inch screen, while iPhone 6 plus features 5.5 inch display), they’re slimmer than all previous models. There are three colour options for the latest model: silver, space grey or gold. The glossy patches on the outer shell have been replaced with lines of either grey or white to cover the seams.

(Written by Megan Chambers)