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Pigeon Takes Flight

Pigeon Recipes

After drifting into culinary obscurity, the pigeon is back on our menus in all its succulent glory. In a range of traditional and contemporary dishes, we’ve got three cracking recipes to show you just how versatile our beloved pigeon is:

Roast Squab Pigeons with rosti galettes, baby leeks and a wild mushroom fricassee:

Conceived by Michael Caines - a holder of two Michelin Stars - this recipe is definitely one to pencil down. A perfect marriage of flavours, not only does this dish taste great but it’s also very easy on the eye. This corker serves four, making it perfect for a family treat.

Get the recipe over on the BBC's food page

Pigeon Wellington with glazed shallots:

Designed by Masterchef’s very own John Tarode, this is a real winner. This subtle twist on a firm classic might be a tad daring, but it’s well worth trying. It won’t be long before beef wellington is but a distant memory after you’ve sampled this delight. This humdinger serves 2, so it’s ideal for a romantic night in.

Try out the recipe on the BBC food website.

Roasted breast and confit leg of spiced Anjou squab:

You might need to be quite an advanced chef to tackle this one but the results will be well worth it. Andrew Farlie – Scotland’s only two Michelin Star chef – shows you just what the pigeon is capable of here with a rich and exciting dish that will have everyone coming back for more.

Get the recipe here.