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Premium Stag Do's

‘Let’s do something epic!’ is how the preparation starts for every stag do, however putting this statement into reality can sometimes be harder than it seems, so providing you aren’t counting the pennies here are some ideas from the fantastic to make your stag party truly memorable.

Island Hiring

We’re not messing about here!  We’re starting off big, and what is bigger than an island?!  Yes that’s right you can hire your own island, and it’s a lot easier than you think.  With island’s available from Australia to Scotland once you are there the choice of what you do is really up to you. It’s yours and your stag parties to do with as you wish, whether than be relaxing and celebrating the groom’s forthcoming nuptials or partying, pranking and playing like kings of your own country can.
This isn’t some Tom Hanks Castaway thing either.  All the islands are fully equipped with everything you will ever need.

Survival Weekend
When you think about surviving in the wild there’s always one man that springs to mind you’d like to have by your side, and that is Bear Grylls.  Now with the help of his training team you can over a 3 day event.
You'll head to the Brecon Beacons for this action packed 3 days of full on adventure with his team. From the word 'Go!' you will be straight into the action, with an afternoon of rock climbing, before you get to some 'interesting' dinner options you'll need to make sure you have somewhere to sleep by building your own shelter. Hopefully you'll be up to the challenge as this will be where you'll spend the night.
After waking up relaxed and refreshed (we hope) you will be straight out into the Brecon Beacons, the playground of the SAS, to climb a peak and make the most of your spectacular surroundings. After a quick ‘pit stop’ for lunch you will be abseiling into some caves for an exciting few hours underground before making your way back to camp by gorge walking, which involves following a river down-stream and climbing/jumping off cliffs as necessary! After a quick Bear Grylls style ‘gross eat’ the evening will be yours to spend in a bunk house relaxing after a pretty tough day!
Having made it this far you'll now face your final survival challenge, working as a team to build a raft to get the stag safely to the wedding, making sure not to drown, damage or mark the groom in any way, shape or form for fear of incurring the wrath of Bridezilla ahead of the big day (and wedding photos that she wants him in one piece for, without any bandages).
You could well need a holiday to recover from the stag do with this one!

Zero Gravity
This will be a stag do quite literally out of this world……well certainly thousands of feet up anyway!
If you are looking for a once in a lifetime pre-wedding stag party experience that is out of this world then experiencing true weightlessness 34,000 feet in the air whilst feeling the pull of 1.8G's is most definitely for you.
This is certainly not your average stag party, this is a journey that reaches greater heights than most weekends away with the lads. One small step for man, one giant leap for stag-kind.
A tiny percentage of people have ever walked in space, but the Zero Gravity Experience is about as close to it as you can get, and is a weekend that will surpass all your stag do expectations and something the groom and all chosen men will never forget.

Trampoline Cave

Trampolining sounds more like something you’d do for an 8-year-olds birthday rather than a stag do, but when the trampoline is actually a cave twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral than the activity takes on epicness.
Even Batman didn't have a Bat Trampoline! This involves trampolines suspended across the raw walls of a cave up to 180 ft in mid air! This is one activity that seriously isn't for the fainthearted and will certainly separate the stags from the boys. In fact, even Batman might have to change his Bat Pants after a few minutes on this bad boy. 
As purveyors of the weird and wonderful, we certainly know something extraordinary when we see it - and the world's largest underground trampoline certainly fits the bill and is perfect for adventurous adrenaline junkies.
Set inside an enormous cavern twice the size of St Paul's Cathedral, there are three giant trampolines that are placed 20, 60 and 180 feet off the ground, each linked by a 60ft long slide and walkways. With all the walls covered in stunning technicolored lights, it is a striking sight. In short, it is totally bonkers, but makes for an amazing experience. 
A completely unique activity (the first facility of its kind in the world, no less), it is only accessible after a 5 minute train journey, taking you 100 feet underground. After kitting up and listening to the important safety briefing, you have a 1 hour session of slightly surreal hilarity as you take advantage of this subterranean wonderworld.

Ultimate Supercars
Boys and their toys go hand in hand, and there doesn’t get much bigger and better toys than high-performance race cars.
Ten hours of Ultimate Supercar Experience is perhaps the true fruition of our never ending search for high speed stag adventures. If we could hand pick all the cars we know bring the most stag thrills and spills and line them all up for a single stag lads driving day then these are the exact machines we could pick. You'll go from zero to hero at approximately "Aaaaarrrghhhh!" miles an hour. 
Not only will you find impeccable service throughout your day (breakfast and lunch are included), this is the highest spec racing circuit you will ever race on without a pro licence. On top of all that it's head to head to find out who really is the best driving among you. Top Gear style.
All the cars are prepped to race spec and are like nothing you'll have driven before; formula racing cars, high performance sports cars, professional spec touring cars, off road monsters, supercars. You'll also get to take on the beast that Jeremy Clarkson complained "blew his face off!"
All this, but with the thrill of competition; you will all be scored on your skill levels and timings round the track, with prizes awarded for the best at the end of the day!
Every guest drives every single one of these cars in one sublime day:
Ariel Atom 
Formula Jaguar
Caterham 7 Superlight
Land Rover Defender
Sodi Kart
Caterham Pursuit
You can also upgrade to include a drive in the unbelievable Palmer Jaguar JP-LM to your package.

Football With A Legend
It wouldn’t be a stag do without a football option would it?  But this is no regular football stag option.  This is truly memorable.
We've all got that one mate who bangs on about how he "...could've turned pro".  It's finally time for him to let his boots do the talking as the stag party takes to the pitch with one of the legends of the game.
Any stag football match is a chance for the groom to showboat his silky skills in front of his handpicked stag team but you can now arrange for him to be joined by one of his sporting heroes.  Imagine the look on the groom's face when he finds Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole, Matt Le Tissier, Paul Merson, Chris Kamara or any of the other 100 legends sitting in the changing room with them.
Not only will the legend give you a pre-match pep-talk and join you on the pitch, he'll also share a post match pint with the stag party.

These are just a fraction of the stag do activities that are on offer over at Stag Web though.  Of course not every stag do has to cost the earth, and whatever your budget may be the guys over there will have something for you.  After all the stag do is what you and the guys make it.

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