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Avocado Toast - Recipe

Have you eased off that healthy eating? Well why not try the Avocado Toast recipe and kick start that diet again.

Avocado seems to be a love hate fruit, however it is most definitely all the rage when it comes to healthy eating. This tasty combination is an easy make, whilst still being packed full of energy.
If you're in need of a boost before work or something quick to start your weekend, then try this refreshing breakfast option.

What You'll Need

- 4 slices of fresh sourdough bread
- Salt
- Pepper
- 1 avocado
- 4 eggs
- Red pepper flakes


1. Slice the avocado open vertically and remove the pit. Cut each halve vertically once more to create quarters. Remove the skin from each quarter. Thinly slice the avocado and gently fan the slices out to create 4 fans.
2. In a medium skillet, heat EVOO, salt, and pepper.
3. Add the toast, turning to cover both sides with the oil mixture.
4. Cook both sides of each slice of toast until lightly brown. Remove from skillet.
5. Crack eggs one at a time into the skillet. Allow each egg to fry until the whites are cooked through and the edges begin to brown.
6. Top each piece of toast with a fan of the sliced avocado and one fried egg.
7. Sprinkle each piece of toast with red pepper flakes to taste.

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