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Big Game Trailer


Earlier this week we came across the trailer for the British-Finnish film Big Game staring Samuel L. Jackson, and it looks pretty interesting.

The plot sees Air Force One shot down by terrorists leaving the President of the United States stranded in the wilderness. There is only one person around who can save him – a 13-year old boy called Oskari, whom is in the forest on a hunting mission to prove his maturity to his kinsfolk. Oskari had been planning to track down a deer, but instead discovers the most powerful man on the planet in an escape pod. With terrorists closing in to capture their own “Big Game" prize, the unlikely duo must team up to escape their hunters. As anxious Pentagon officials observe the action via satellite feed, it is up to the President and his new side-kick to prove themselves and survive the most extraordinary 24 hours of their lives.


It premiered at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival, and has received positive reviews, with the IGN entertainment website stating it is "A throwback to '80s and '90s adventure movie with a dash of comic book violence thrown in for good measure.". This sounds like our kind of thing, although it is not due to be released in the UK until May 8th.

You can view the trailer below.