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Film Trailers During The SuperBowl

With the eyes of the world watching, the place to advertise a new film trailer is during the SuperBowl event. However with a 60 second spot costing many millions the movie studios are under pressure to make them spectacular, and this year all the big guns didn’t disappoint. Take a look at the top trailers that featured.


With over 111 million watching live in the United States alone it is safe to say that the SuperBowl will be the most watched tv event of 2017 – of the 20 most watched tv programs in US history 19 of them are SuperBowl’s (the anomaly being the last ever episode of M*A*S*H which is 9th on the list).

Needless to say that with an audience like the scramble for an advertisement spots is a crazy one.  However with the going rate for a 30-second slot costing a cool $5 million the advertisers need to make sure they get their monies worth.

One of the biggest markets to pick up advertising slots are the major movies studios, and this year all the big guns were out.  We saw film trailers from the likes of Disney, Paramount, Universal, 20th Century, as well as offerings from Netflix and Hulu and even National Geographic.

Here are some of the trailers featured...


Ghost In The Shell


Transformers: The Last Knight


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


The Fate Of The Furious




A Cure For Wellness


The Handmaid’s Tale


Stranger Things 2


……and even though Nat Geo might not be your normal place to check out a film or series we’ve probably saved the best Ad till last……