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Grapefruit Lime And Anise Granita Recipe


Right we are now in July, and it is officially summer. Whatever you have planned for these next couple of months make sure you don’t get hot and bothered with this heavenly Grapefruit Lime & Anise Granita Recipe that offers a cool, clean, yet punchy taste.

Once you’ve tried this you might just keep a tin of this in the dark recesses of your freezer from now on. It is the most divine icy treat you will ever taste. The flavour of grapefruit (bitter, tart, mouthy) is a marvelous match for the flavour of star anise (sweet, soft, delicate). Together they deliver a clean yet punchy flavour that is so delicious, you just won’t want to stop.
Obviously time has to be given to let it to freeze, but Granitas are so easy to make. It satisfies that something sweet craving after dinner without being too rich, it replenishes and nourishes on a hot day scooped in a little shot glass with a sprinkling of sea salt, and brings out funky town on Friday night when drizzled with a shot of tequila.


Grapefruit Lime And Anise Granita Recipe

Prep time: 15 mins / Cook time: 8 hours / Total time: 8 hours 15 mins

Serves: 4

• 2 large grapefruit, flesh scooped out, skin and pith removed
• 150ml water
• 150g caster sugar
• 4 star anise pods
• Juice of half a lime
• Tequila to serve (optional)

1. Heat water, caster sugar and anise pods on medium. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and cool completely. Discard three anise pods and reserve one.
2. Combine sugar syrup, grapefruit, anise pod and lime juice in the jug of a blender. Process on high until mixture is well blended and anise pod is completely crushed.
3. Place granita mix in a shallow tin pan. Cover with cling wrap and freeze for 4 hours. Remove from freezer, scrape frozen mixture with a fork. Cover and return to freezer for another 4 hours or overnight.
4. When ready to serve, scrape granita mix with a fork and spoon into cocktail glasses. Serve. You may also serve with a dash of tequila over the granite for a grown up after dinner treat.

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