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Gucci Launches #GucciGram

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In a world dominated by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the speed of the modern fashion industry is moving quicker than ever. To stay current designers need to keep up. The annual preparation of shows, collections, events, and all the other cogs working behind the scenes now receive an unprecedented amount of exposure.

Alber Elbaz, former creative director of Lanvin, commented how fashion is often a game of numbers and entertainment, and not only about design. It seems increasingly obvious that in order to remain current, creative directors must stay ever-present in the public eye. Unlike Elbaz (who was noted for not having an Instagram account), the new creative director of Gucci is burgeoning in popularity and running effortlessly with these new digitally rooted demands.

Alessando Michele is in part responsible for Gucci’s revival, overseeing the introduction of imaginatively colourful collections. His paradoxical vision of vintage geek-cum-thrift shop superstar is finished with a hint of sophistication, and it works incredibly well.

Presenting a lust worthy collection of handbags decked in floral design, as well as those fur-lined loafers that had everyone talking, Michele has us all entranced. What is particularly refreshing about this creative director’s new geek-chic influence, is his ability to simultaneously take the app industry by storm.

Not only has Gucci gave their website an overhaul, they have recently created an online sensation through the simple use of hashtags. #GucciGram is a destination where flocks of Instagram artists can blend their own visions with Gucci’s ever evolving DNA.

Mixing content and taking inspiration from the past seems to be an innate creative expression for Michele, and #GucciGram allows lovers of Gucci to do the same. The recognition that that creativity is born and thrives through digital media allows designers to stretch their roots further into the consciousness of thousands.

Focusing mainly on Gucci’s Blooms and Caleido prints, participants incorporated everything from the historic to the futuristic, and not all artists were ‘famous’. Both internationally recognised and up-and-coming names got in on the act, offering up their inventive interpretations on Gucci through photographs, paintings, and other mixed media.

The entire selection of entries will be exhibited on Gucci’s website, alongside the brand’s other social channels over the next few months. It leaves us wondering how Gucci will continue to stay relevant after this, and just how soon are we going to see it?

A photo posted by Gucci (@gucci) on

A photo posted by Gucci (@gucci) on