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Gucci’s ‘Forever Now’ Exhibition Moves To Brazil for the World Cup

Legendary fashion powerhouse Gucci has travelled to São Paulo with its ‘Forever Now’ exhibition in time for the Brazil World Cup.

Moving away from Florence, Italy for the first time since its 2009 inauguration, the Gucci Museo has set up a temporary exhibition in the luxurious JK Iguatemi mall of São Paulo, Brazil. Designed to epitomise Gucci’s ‘Forever Now’ philosophy, the exhibition draws from the Italian masters’ rich and culturally significant longevity in order to relay the remarkable story behind the iconic brand’s success.

Celebrating all things Gucci, the exhibition will showcase a plethora of rare archival pieces within differently themed areas featuring the brand’s famous Flora apparel, travel luggage, horsebit loafers and haute couture gowns. Coinciding the event with the World Cup for maximum visibility, ‘Forever Now’ offers an insight into Gucci’s astonishing ability to continuously set the sartorial bar whilst remaining true to its trademark aesthetic.

Open for a strict three-week period, this collection of stunning Gucci rarities contrasted with modern art installations is not to be missed.