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Pressed Picnic Sandwich Recipe


Get your blankets and baskets out of the back of the cupboards and ready for National Picnic Week. And to go with it we’ve found a great tasty recipe for the Pressed Picnic Sandwich. All we need now is good weather!

Starting this Saturday (11th June) National Picnic Week aims to provide people with the ideal opportunity to get together over a picnic with advice, tips, recipes and information to make sure everything from the food and drink to the location and surroundings are spot on.

Picnicking is one of the UK’s most enjoyable summer traditions, and is a great way of taking advantage of any open spaces in your local area over the warmer months of the year.

Now if you are one of the many many people thinking of picnicking this coming week, or even any time during the summer (to be honest it could be just for a day out, or even at work for lunch) then we have the first thing to put in your basket; The Pressed Picnic Sandwich Recipe.

It’s wonderfully tasty, big enough that it can be shared, and packed full of ingredients, although as with many of the recipes we bring to you the choice of ingredients can be tweaked to accommodate the individual people.


Pressed Picnic Sandwich Recipe


* 1 round loaf of bread. Sourdough is preferred here, but any crusty loaf will work
* Pesto & mayo
* Cheese, sliced
* Ham, sliced
* Sun dried tomatoes, drained
* Jarred red peppers
* Watercress


1. Slice the top off your loaf and scoop out the 'flesh', leaving about 1 inch of bread lining the crust.
2. Spread your pesto & mayo in the bottom of loaf and then layer up all your ingredients. Aim to layer contrasting colours next to each other to make the finished loaf more attractive. Finish with another 'wet' ingredient on the top (used here are the sundried tomatoes as even though they were drained there was still quite a bit of oil on them).
3. Pop the lid back on, wrap in cling film and lay a baking sheet on top. Now you need to press down on the loaf and then weight the baking sheet with something heavy - a pile of books or a cat iron casserole dish would both work.
4. If your kitchen is warm then it is best to do this in the fridge, however if your kitchen is cold enough you need not worry too much about it spoiling.
5. Leave pressing for two to eight hours before squirreling away in your picnic basket.

For this and more great recipes please head on over, and to find out more about National Picnic Week please head here where there will be chances to take part in competitions and win prizes.