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The SapienStone Smart Slab


The SapienStone Smart Slab is the proof that functionality and beauty can work together. Heat food, cool drinks, and charge gadgets all at the same time without ever leaving your seat.

In this world of technology it is rare that a product has just one sole purpose nowadays. You can send email from your tv, read a book on a tablet, take a picture with you watch, and turn the heating on in your house with your mobile, but a table has just been a table. It serves a purpose; although that is a basic one of the privilege of not having to eat your food off the floor! That is until now…


Now with the creation of the Smart Slab by ceramic title maker SapienStone and Stockholm-based design firm Kram/Weisshaar that is all about to change. The sleek looking table integrates heating, cooling and wireless charging elements under a tile surface a mere 6mm thick. The result is a table that you can use not only to dine on, but also to cook food via induction, keep dishes warm, chill drinks and charge your phone.

All tables have the option to be customised, and generally weigh in at a surprisingly light 70kg, but don't let this fool you into thinking this is some delicate piece of equipment that needs to be treated with kid gloves. The slabs are resistant to household wear and tear as well as chemicals, stains, and anything else nature throws their way.


Take a look at a short promotional video from SapienStone, and to get a better idea of the product, or head here and here for more information.