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Rare Elements Ballpoint Pens


If you’re in a job where you’re on your feet all day then you would think it is sensible to spend money on a decent pair of shoes, If you cycle to work every day it would seem sensible to send a bit more and get a bike that is practical, reliable and comfortable, and you can use this premise for many many more things.

So what about if you hand write things for a living. How much would you pay for the perfect pen? If £185 seems reasonable then you are in luck as British design and production company Minimalux has just released it’s latest offering; A classic ballpoint desk pen.

Each milled from a single block of brass, the pens come in raw brass form or a variety of colours inspired by rare elements, such as gold, rose gold, silver or black rhodium. London-based Minimalux went ahead and researched the perfect weight and balance for the pen to fit comfortably in your hands for hours, and filled the core with precise and free-flowing Parker refills for a smooth and fluid line with every stroke.

The raw brass ones will set you back £85, with the other costing £185 all of which can be picked up from Minimalux’s website here along with items ranging from jewellery to home accessories and lighting