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Topo Drinks Coasters


Coasters. Every house has them……usually quite a few of them. They serve a purpose but that’s about it. However the Topo Coasters from Tom Will Make have gone one step further, and have made them a significant feature of whatever room they grace.

The first edition of the coasters from the Cincinnati-based design company highlight the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, and features an elevation of the area relieved into Quercus Suber oak cork. It is absorbent yet dries well. It grows as bark on the tree, and best of all, harvesting the cork does not harm the tree.

Also the back of the coasters feature the exact geographical coordinates of the gorgeous natural space. Sold in sets of four, and measuring 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″ take a mini-escape and pick up this coaster collection here, along with any number of their other unusual yet wonderful designs.