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Scott Kelly: Out Of This World Photography


How do you pass the time when you are at the International Space Station for 340 days consecutively? Reading a book, playing cards, watching dvd’s, or how about photography? However when you’re 250 miles above earth the pictures you take are not of the norm. You could literally say they are out of this world.

Scott Kelly is not your normal photographer……then again Scott Kelly is not your normal astronaut……he’s pretty much ripped up the record book for space travel. Nobody has ever spent as long as him in space – 382 days – and nobody has spent longer in space in a single go – 340 consecutive days – oh and he and his brother Mark are the only sibling to have ever been in space.

He was also the Commander of the International Space Station on a one year mission until February 29 this year when he finally came back to solid ground. The mission to explore the effects of long-term spaceflight on the human body.

The images he has taken are spectacular, truly jaw dropping. He has captured towns, cities, countries, continents, historic areas, volcanoes, seas, desserts, thunder & lightening, and even the Northern Lights.

Check out a small selection of his photography below, and for all of the truly stunning images please head to his Instagram account here.