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The Blended Photography Of Jatiputra


Earlier this year we brought you Erik Johansson’s Illusionary Photos, which twisted our mind as well as our eyes, well now we’ve found an Instagram account that is more than equal to it.

You could say if Salvador Dali had an Instagram account it might well have looked something like Jati Putra Pratama’s. The graphic designer and artist from, Jakarta, Indonesia plays with his photographs and turns them into surreal inception-like works of art.

Experimenting with new horizons and subjects, Jati seamlessly blends photographs together to form unique and visual tricks that accentuate the beauty and intricacies of modern landscapes which can take you on a perplexing voyage.

Pratama’s Instagram account devoted to his enchanting depictions, has recently surged past the inaugural 10,000 followers mark (it has actually grown to over 15,000 at the time of writing this), and shows no signs of slowing as more and more people are being drawn into the hypnotising spectacle of his work.

Take a look at a small sample of his work below, and follow Jati Putra Pratama yourself on Instagram for his daily updates.