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Timeless Dreams - Stunning 4k Time-Lapse Footage Of America's Southwest


Earlier this year, friends and filmmakers Julian Tryba and Michael Sutton set out across the American Southwest to shoot a passion project. The result of their three week long journey was very little sleep, but a breath taking 4k time-lapse video, dubbed “Timeless Dreams."

Tryba and Sutton travelled roughly 3,000 miles through Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, capturing incredible sunsets, illuminating stars, early morning sunrises and everything in between. The layer-lapse footage features a technique that highlights different regions of a scene at various points in time, and was shot by a Canon 1Dc, a Canon 5D MKIII, a Canon 6D, and a Canon 7D, with some additional ‘outer area’ footage spliced in courtesy of NASA.

The duo will be releasing a follow-up video in the near future featuring the remaining time-lapse footage, but for now, enjoy “Timeless Dreams" below.

Timeless Dreams from Julian Tryba on Vimeo.