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The Aviatore Veloce


Looking at this gadget you’d be hard pressed to work out what it is actually used for. Even if we told you it was called the Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100, it probably still wouldn’t help you. Why not sit back and enjoy a hot beverage and try and work it out?

South African design company Super Veloce specialize in ‘Aviation Inspired Engine-Art’, and their latest creation is a high-pressured brewing system for tea leaves or coffee grinds.

The Turbojet 100 has been constructed from durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, in addition to aluminum bronze.

The high-pressure brewing system creates a single cup of coffee or tea from grinds or leaves that are inserted into the washable metal basket prior to brewing. It’s quite a big setup for a single cup of coffee and we can’t claim that it’s a kitchen essential, but c’mon, how many people make coffee with something that looks like a jet engine?

To find out more about this or other limited edition functional art from Super Veloce please visit their website here.