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Beauty Of Science - Dissolving M&M's

What is art? It’s an age old question, that really can’t be answered as it can take many different shapes and forms, both weird and wonderful.  However surely you have to draw the line at dropping a simple M&M into some water? Turns out you really don’t, as when you film it in 4K with a time-lapse effect it creates something truly stunning.

Yan Liang and his team over at Beauty Of Science stumbled upon this remarkable occurrence, and with the help of a Sony A7R M2 camera they produced unbelievably beautiful results that are truly jaw dropping.  You would think you are looking at something under a microscope or in outer space!

The chocolate treats dissolve in stunning fashion in a petri dish, and are captured in such high definition detail.  Naturally each different coloured M&M sweet creates a different vibrant pattern every time, and when combined with other ones in the same dish produces such a captivating explosion sequence.

Take a look at the brilliant time-lapse video below, and for more interesting videos, pictures, and information please head on over to the Beauty Of Science website here.