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The Revolution That Is Women's MMA


Every Revolution Starts With A Fight

With UFC 192 being this last weekend all eyes in the sport have now switched to UFC 193 which is to be held next month in Melbourne, Australia, and will be headlined by Ronda Rousey taking on Holly Holm for the Women’s Bantamweight Title. Now normally the UFC puts together a promotional video for each event, and this time it has been no different, however the company have outdone themselves with this one, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

This is a positive though, as the video shows a young Rousey and Holm starting out in their respective sports (Judo and Boxing) with a slew of critics and naysayers along the way trying to slow them down, and overcoming it all to end up where we are today with them both headlining one of the biggest Pay Per Views ever.

The video set to the dramatic instrumental song ‘Experience’ by Ludovico Einaudi and is unusual in that not a single word is spoken, but that is largely cause the visuals speak louder than any voice could ever do.


This event does signal a dramatic rise in Women’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), as it is co-features with the UFC Strawweight Championship bout between current champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk and challenger Valérie Létourneau.

And this is in a company where the president (Dana White) said famously in 2011 that women would never fight.
However a little over 2 years later the company held it’s first ever women’s fight (which actually featured Rousey herself) in its 20 year history, and the company (and the sport in general) has never looked back, with White stating that bringing in females was the best decision that he’s ever made as a promoter.

There is now a real possibility that the event which is to be held on November 15th in the Etihad Stadium could be a 70,000-seat sellout. A revolution if ever there was one!

Oh and if you think that they have casted brilliantly for a young Ronda in the video, then you'd be right, although it wasn't hard, as it is Rousey's 17-year old sister Julia that is playing her, as well her own mother Dr. AnnMaria De Mars playing herself in the video.

Check out the video that has gotten over half a million views in just 1 day below, and for further information please head on over to the UFC here.