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The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker


Over the past few months here at Cruise Life we have brought you many inventions from the tech world. You know things like the Levitating Light caught our intention, and all the wonderful ways companies are reinventing the speaker, like for example the Speaker Coffee Table, so when we saw the title Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker we were very interested. Needless to say we weren’t disappointed.

The LED light bulb screws into your regular light fittings and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker which syncs with your smartphone, tablet or desktop (although it does come with a remote of its own) to provide music wherever you also need light. You can also control the volume of your music from your device, and the brightness of the bulb, meaning that you can set the mood any time you want.

The bright idea combines a 360-lumen bulb and a 2-watt, 40mm speaker in such a way that neither interferes with the other. Sony says the speaker sits up front to allow for optimal sound, with the light actually reflecting around and off it as to enable a wide, clear distribution. All you do for a power source is screw it in to any standard light socket.


The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker will get an initial release in Japan on May for a price of ¥23,880 (approximately £127), and will hopefully see a wider global release later on.

Check out the short but sweet promotional video below that has been released to promote the bulb.