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AdVantage Aston

British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has released plans for its new Vantage enter-level model. The pressure was on to follow up on the most successful car in its 104-year history, but the Warwickshire boys looked to have pulled it off selling over 80% of it’s stock in less than a week!

Whilst the automotive industry has been going through a tough time recently one of the shining lights has been British manufacturer Aston Martin. Yes, James Bond’s favourite car maker has reported a 65% rise in sales through 2017.  And if that wasn’t enough sales for next year already look impressive thanks to the release of the all-new Vantage.
In the first 7 days since orders can be placed Aston Martin have revealed that 80% of the scheduled stock has already been sold – although they have stopped short of saying how many units were available for purchase.  Not bad considering that the previous Vantage was the best selling vehicle in company history.

Styling wise a huge grille dominates the front of the Vantage, and it’s reminiscent of the grille on the multi-million-pound Vulcan. The headlights are simply styled and are a lot narrower than the outgoing car, while the new car also gets a prominent bonnet hump.
The bonnet itself is still fairly long and the overall shape of the Vantage is similar to the current car.  It retains the long sloping roof and short rear end, but there are new air ducts on the side and a reprofiled window behind the doors.  At the rear, a full-width light bar runs above the badge and across the ducktail spoiler, connecting the slim LED brakelight units. A more aggressive rear bumper features on this new car, with a larger diffuser and two protruding exhausts.

The interior of the new Vantage looks a gem. There’s plenty of carbon fibre trim on the lower centre console which, alongside the flat-bottomed wheel and contrasting stitching, make it feel sporty and purposeful. The racing car-esq seats look like they should provide enough comfort for long journeys whilst also keeping you in place going around corners.
The dashboard features a large digital ‘infotainment’ screen, which should have a faster processor and better graphics than previous Martin’s. From it, you’ll be able to control the climate settings, media, sat nav and other settings.

Under the bonnet the Vantage will use the same 4.0-litre V8 as the DB11, producing 510bhp which makes it hit 60mph in a mere 3.5 seconds.
Aston states that the car has an even 50:50 weight distribution, which means that the mass of the car is spread evenly, which you would presume benefits the handling – something that was sometimes criticised on the old model.

As standard with all modern models it comes well-equipped with safety assistance technology including stability control, emergency brake assist and torque vectoring, which shuffles power to whichever wheels the computer deems best.
The car also comes with park assist, full parking sensors and tire pressure monitors.

For the lucky people that have shelled out somewhere in the region £120,000, they can expect to get their hands on it in April next year.
For more information please head to the official website here.