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Interior Trends For 2018

If you're wondering what the main trends in interior design will be for next year and beyond then the recent exhibition IMM Cologne has shed some light on it, from furniture placement to colour schemes and much more.

Within the interior design industry IMM Cologne which is held at the Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre each year is widely regarded as the first chance to see how things are shaping up.
So with that said it is hardly surprising that over 100,000 trade visitors came through the doors over the 7 days, and of these almost half came from outside Germany. 

So what did we learn from IMM Cologne?  Here’s 5 of the top trends.

Urban Jungle
This year exhibition has one very distinctive trade there is an explosion of color – vibrant, vital and capturing, so one thing is sure this year decor journey won’t be boring at all.
Now if you have to pinpoint it further then Green would be the dominant trend theme.  From subtle mint through to strong grass and fine fir green, to nuances of taupe and petrol blue, green tones are finding their way into the home in a big way.  You could say that it is an urban jungle!

Naked Lighting
Almost to a display almost every exhibition had naked lighting.  They can be fixed alone, or they can be composed of many small glass balls that hang on cables from the ceiling.  Not quite a new concept, but more popular than ever.  Sometimes simply arranged in a row, sometimes at different heights, or bundled together there’s no blueprint on how to arrange them.

Au Natural
The wood trend, which slowly began four years ago, has now spread everywhere. No designer wants to do without the warm and natural material. Tables, chairs, beds, shelves, wardrobes, simple and elegant, often with gorgeous soft transitions and a lot of light bent wood in gently curved waves.
In addition other natural materials such as leather and cork are on the rise.

Scandinavian Love
The designs from the far north are still very popular and have stood for timeless elegance for decades. Natural materials, clear lines and pleasantly quiet colours define the furniture of the north and thus provide for a special comfort.  The furniture presents a particularly high functionality, which is why it is seen as practical and easy. Another characteristic of Scandinavian design is the ongoing urge to be innovative and develop modern living solutions. This joy in experimentation is significant for the success of the Nordic design style and is part of the living culture of the North.

Divide & Conquer
In modern architecture and design, there are very few limits and borders of the imagination.  Less borders and more space makes planning an easy and enjoyable task, where you can get creative.  There are certain scenarios however where borders are needed, such as people who work from home.  Step forward dividers.  Light and breezy they are traditional in Japan, however they are now starting to become common place in Europe.