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Jack White Creates Fastest-Released Record Of All Time

For this year's Record Store Day – an international celebration of independently owned record stores – former White Stripes vocalist Jack White set out to break the Guinness world record for the fastest-released record of all time. Remarkably, White accomplished the mission in just under four hours.

On the morning of Record Store Day, a handful of lucky die-hard fans watched the enigmatic White take to the stage at his Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville to perform a few numbers, including the title track of his upcoming album Lazaretto. Whilst playing, fans could watch on televisions the live version of the track being pressed direct to acetate. Once recorded, the masters were rushed over to Unite Record Pressing who copied the track onto 45s and printed sleeves using pictures taken from the intimate gig. White, accompanied by fake cops, then personally escorted the vinyl records back to his Third Man Records building and was greeted by a throng of fans eager to purchase the record breaker.

From stage to sale, the entire process took 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds. An unbelievable feat, I’m sure you’ll agree. You can check out Lazaretto, the fastest-released record of all time the track, below.

(Written by Lewis Cook)