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La Bandita

The ‘La Bandita’ is the world’s first virtual reality-designed, artificial intelligence-engineered, and 3D-printed car.  It doesn’t get more high-tech than this, and is the creation of the Cali-based digital manufacturing company, Hackrod in partnership with Siemens.

As sleek and cool as the car looks it’s the possibilities this brings for the future that are even more appealing – basically it means that in theory customers could now be able to design and print their own custom dream car.

Admittedly, still only at a prototype stage every process from the vehicle’s conception works close in hand with modern technology – the design was accomplished in Virtual Reality, with the engineering conducted by AI, and then using 3D printing to take the car into the realm of reality.

Will details still scarce what we do know is that the La Bandita is a two-seat, mid-engine roadster built on aerospace grade aluminium alloy using hybrid metal deposition rather than using a costly carbon fiber monocoque chassis.
The freshly printed frame resembles a cross between a skeleton and a spider’s web, which is a result of it only being strengthened exactly where it is needed, and omitting anything that will add unnecessary weight.

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just a gimmick.  You can now pre-order a La Bandita over on Hackrod’s website here.