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The 7-Day Concept

When it comes to the automotive industry, manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other with their latest and greatest releases. However, over the last 7 days things move into top gear with no less than 7 concept cars released. Here’s your roundup on what you can expect……in a few years’ time…

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept
The rebirth of Mitsubishi Motor’s Evolution tag ties in with the 100th anniversary of the Japanese car maker, as they have revealed their vision of high-performance, all-electric SUV motoring.
Powered by performance electric motors and a high-capacity battery, the e-Evolution Concept is designed to be a true 21st Century 4x4 SUV, as at home in the country as it is in the city, with sports car-like handling.
With dazzling styling and advanced AI technology the e-Evolution Concept is a bold step into the future.

Kia Sinaan Concept
South Korean auto maker Kia has envisioned a new concept car that looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.
Dubbed the Kia Sinaan, the concept sees a metallic grey paint across the vehicle’s aerodynamic body. A few different colored highlights also find their way onto the body, with a light blue trim finding its way up towards the bumper and a darker red by the large black spoiler. Another interesting design trait Song decided to go with is the unexposed wheels on both the front and the back of the vehicle.
Apart from this very little else is known, about a car that lets face it is the least likely to go into production out of all these listed – at least in its guise given here.

Subaru Viziv Performance Concept
This is another vehicle of which very little specs are known. It's a saloon styling exercise that hints at what the next generation of family cars is going to look like.
Behind its aggressive front grille is a nicely chiselled four-door fastback saloon.  It's sized between the previous-generation Impreza and Legacy saloon, with a length of 4630mm, width of 1950mm and wheelbase of 2730mm, and under the concept's skin, you get the classic Boxer flat-four, and symmetrical four-wheel drive system.
With these ingredients, and running at the right state of tune, the Viziv Performance Concept looks to be catering to the ethos of the Japanese manufacturer by being fun, enjoyable, and offering peace of mind.
Also, there's an updated suite of Subaru's driver aids, known as EyeSight, which seems to suggest we will see this sooner rather than later, as the company has already stated that the driver aids are due to be released in cars from 2020, so it’s presumed that the Viziv – or a development of it – will be the vehicle they debut in.

Apollo Intensa Emozione
The Intensa Emozione is not a model name that rolls off the tongue, and to be fair Apollo is easily the least known manufacturer on this list, but without out doubt has provided the most head turning design.
German automaker Apollo’s latest creation is propelled by a 6.3-liter, naturally-aspirated V12 engine, packaged alongside a six-speed Hewland pneumatic racing dogring gearbox - this makes it capable of hitting the 0-62mph mark in 2.7 seconds.
With a curb weight of 2,756lbs, the IE (as we’ll call it) has a top speed of 208mph and hits 769hp and 561lb of torque. Thanks to an intricate exterior design, it can also hit 3,000 pounds of downforce at 186 mph.
Regarding the interior construction, the IE boasts leather and carbon fiber as its materials of choice. Adding to the luxury aspect of the vehicle’s inside, Apollo will also let each owner customise their own bespoke seat.
And this is 100% a car that is going into production……albeit in limited quantities and at a seriously steep price.

Mazda Kai Concept
The Kai Concept car appears to suggest that the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has opted for a smoother exterior on this next-generation 3 vehicle, as part of its KODO design language, compared to the sharper lines of its current model.
More precisely, the hatchback boasts super-thin side mirrors, a narrow rear window, an elongated hood with an aggressive Mazda grille and burly fenders for a muscular look.
For the interior, Mazda applied more curvature to the dashboard and a sleeker separation between top and bottom portions. Not to mention, the company has outfitted the concept with revamped seating that comfortably snugs the spine.
The Kai Concept also apparently offers a smooth and quiet ride on the road which is largely due to the multi-directional ring structures of the frame alongside optimised energy transfers in the chassis.
Another key feature is the car’s SKYACTIV-X diesel-style gasoline engine that improves torque output, acceleration response, and fuel efficiency.
There’s no news on an estimated release date yet, which tends to suggest that it is a long time off.

Honda Sports EV Concept
As with Honda’s recent releases their vision for the future with the Sports EV Concept adapts new and old together, with AI functionality alongside small traces of classic design hues from Honda’s ‘70s-era visible throughout.
Installed is Honda’s Automated Network Assistant, which handles navigation and a feature called ‘emotion engine’ that gauges the feelings that influence your driving decisions in an effort to unite the driver and car.
At the moment the Sports EV Concept remains as just that - a concept, with the Tokyo-based manufacturer tight-lipped on whether it will ever go into production.

Lexus LS+ Concept
Last, but most definitely not least we have the LS+ Concept by luxury vehicle maker Lexus, and it may well be a case that we have saved our favourite until last.
The new model serves as a looking glass into what Lexus has planned for the future. More specifically, the new LS+ put a focus on what Lexus wants to accomplish in terms of reinventing everything we know about autonomous driving. This has been demonstrated through a new technology the brand currently has in development called ‘Urban Teammate’.  Not only does Lexus want to have the LS+ drive itself around, but to navigate through busy streets and narrow city roads.
In addition to this, the aptly named ‘Highway Assistant’ tool that is also in the works will allow users to map out their destination before a longer trip and have the vehicle do the rest of the work from there. The new assistant tool will also make various suggestions while on the road, such as changing lanes and overtaking vehicles in front of you.
From a design standpoint, the feature that stands out the most on the LS+ is the overexaggerated front grille that extends all the way to the bottom of the frame and is finished off with two sets of neon blue lights on either side. This is combined with triangular-shaped headlights that finish off the entire futuristic look.
All of the new features packed into the Lexus LS+ Concept Car are expected to be finished and rolled out before 2020.