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The Belfast Bullitt Hotel

Named after the Steve McQueen movie of the same name, the Bullitt Hotel in Belfast has everything you need to eat, drink, work and play in the ‘Old Smoke’ on St Patrick’s Day or another other day of the week for that matter.

Formerly the five-star Merchant Hotel the complex features 43 bedrooms that come in three different sizes, three bars (including ‘Baltic’ Northern Ireland’s first themed bar, a courtyard garden, 68-seater restaurant ‘Taylor and Clay’, an espresso bar and private event space.

If you’re in the mood for food, regardless of whether you’re looking for a hot breakfast, light lunch, or full-on feast you can always bite the Bullitt and get a good grilling at Taylor & Clay (named after Steve McQueen’s address in the aforementioned 1968 film), the smokin’ in-house restaurant.
They like getting fresh at Taylor & Clay, fresh and locally-sourced that is. Each item on the menu is carefully chosen and hand-picked from local farms and suppliers. 
At the heart of Taylor & Clay’s kitchen lies its bespoke Asador Grill. Think prime cuts of meat and seafood charred and smoked, creating a unique flavour that will get your taste buds all fired up. For those looking for something a little greener, try Taylor & Clay’s garden club specials – hand-grown and harvested by their chefs in partnership with David Love Cameron’s organic heritage garden at Helen’s bay.
You can wash it all down with a beverage including the exclusive Bullitt beer from the Bullitt Bar, and get back to nature in the courtyard beer garden which blurs the distinction between inside and out, or venture over to Baltic – a quirky spot for the seriously cool customer.
Coffee lovers can also stop by the state-of-the-art Espresso Bar for the ultimate caffeine hit.

Centrally located, it faces on to Victoria Street, one of Belfast’s longest and straightest, and retains the tinted-mirror curtain wall of its office-building predecessor.

For further information please visit the official website here.