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The Dark Side Of Food

They do always say that black is never out of fashion, and when it comes to culinary creations that’s just as well, as we are finding more and more food products crossing over to the dark side with everything from burgers to ice-cream. You could say black is the new black.

It really shouldn’t be, but in creating new dishes it’s all about the aesthetics, and how presentable it is.  Chefs, restaurateurs etc are all coming up with new and ingenious ways to attract our custom.  Now it seems they have literally gone back to black.

It’s really a clever bit of thinking, and in theory is a simple one.  In our mindset we just don’t think of food being black.  Black is usually associated with being burnt, out of date, and generally unappetizing, so to see something new and fresh instantly has our attention.

And when you take a look around social media it’s really anything and everything that has been turned black.  Everything from burger buns to ice cream, and even water!
The black buns have now gotten so popular that KFC in Australia has actually included them as an option on their menu.

So how are they made?  Well it seems that a key ingredient in a great deal of these black beauties is squid ink. It’s used to turn a lot of pastries, pastas and breads dark.

And the most recent product to take off is the black ice cream. First debuted in New York it is created using charcoal, coconut flakes, coconut milk and coconut cream. It has been described in taste as similar to a vanilla ice cream.

These aren’t just creations from other countries though.
A UK beverage company called blk has made a 'fulvic enriched mineral water' which is jet black and comes in a clear plastic bottle.  


Take a look at a few more examples below, and if you’re tempted why not take a trip over to the dark side?