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The Gardener

The Gardener offers a bright and refreshing bar and dining room, serving botanically inspired cocktails, fresh artisan coffee, light bites and small plates as well as chilled out soulful beats. And true to the name, there’s some greenery, with foliage forming part of the backdrop, appearing along walls and across bold art prints.

The philosophy of The Gardener is ‘Keep It Simple & Do What You Love’.

That’s pretty much what they all about; a small team that keep it simple and love what they do. A family of botanists, cocktail freaks, coffee aficionados, music lovers, shoulder shufflers and hungry people who love good grub and a good bit of chat. They’ve made themselves a little home on Ashton Lane in Glasgow, so they can share all the stuff they love doing the most.

So, if the thought of lingering over a lazy breakfast, a quick catch-up with mates over a fresh coffee and cake, or listening to some soulful tunes while enjoying a glass of wine, or if spending your evenings drinking the freshest cocktails and sharing bites with your nearest and dearest floats your boat, drop in to The Gardener.

The cocktails are fresh and uncomplicated and bursting full of delicious botanicals. If you like a boozy little number or prefer bitter sweetness, or maybe your more about the botanical tartness then they’ll have the right combination for you. But if you don’t see anything that suits your mood, ask the guys behind the bar to mix you something up - they love a challenge.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, don’t worry as they have some pretty delightful seasonal delights, which include a great choice of organic wines and fizz and a selection of craft beers.

When it comes to coffee they offer a unique blend of beans from growers in Colombia and Vietnam, ethically sourced and 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. They’ve mixed rich notes of toast, oats and golden straw laced with a heavy sweetness and hints of fruit.

If tea is more your thing then they also got a great range, from regular to infused, or how about some sweet treats to lift your new year spirits in the way of dreamy hot chocolates drenched in cream and sticky marshmallows.

Moving on to food their menu has been designed with simplicity in mind, using only the freshest ingredients and keeping it as local as they can. For example, their ham is from quality Ayrshire farmers, the cakes are from Glasgow’s own artisan bakers Seb & Milli and the yoghurt is freshly made by Katy Rodgers in Stirling.

With food served all the time it doesn’t matter whether you’re after a great breakfast to get your day started, a cheeky lunchtime deal, a lazy brunch or you just want to get something to share with your mates while you enjoy a drink or two they are sure to have the perfect plate for you.

And they also boast the ‘Plant Room’ which is the ideal space to celebrate birthdays, engagements and even weddings!

For more information please visit their website here.