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The Underwater Room

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘sleeping with the fishes’ The Underwater Room is part of three-storey floating / submerged structure off the coast of Pemba Island in the Indian Ocean.

Imagine yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swimming lazily by - sometimes in three or four layers of different species above the reef floor.

This is the heart-stopping experience that awaits you in The Underwater Room. The floating structure, located 250 metres off the coast of Pemba Island in the Zanzibar Archipeligo, forms parts of the Manta Resort.

The structure was designed and built by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels and takes its cues from Utter Inn - a floating structure on Lake Malaren in Sweden that was modelled on a traditional Scandinavian house, providing three levels, with those above the water clad in local hardwood, and each an experience in itself.

The landing deck, at sea level, has a lounge area and eco-friendly bathroom facility. A ladder leads up to the roof which has a lounging area – for sun worshipping by day and by night you can lie back in the starlight and wonder at the extraordinary clarity of the stars, planets and above all, the edge of our own galaxy – the wonderful Milky Way – all seen without any light pollution which has to be seen to be believed. Sleep under the stars to the soft murmuring of the sea.

Then downstairs – the magical feeling of lying on a soft double bed surrounded by panes of glass affording almost 360 degrees viewing – watching the shoals of reef fish and exquisite, often rarely seen individuals visiting your windows. Some have taken up residence around the room, which affords them some protection from predation. For instance, three bat fish and a trumpet fish called Nick who is always swimming around and seemingly looking in!

By night, the underwater spotlights beneath each window around the room attract the shyer and more unusual, for instance squid and colourful sea slugs. Coral is already establishing itself on the anchoring lines and around the underwater structure. Octopus and even spanish dancers have been seen attaching themselves to the glass panes – even the reef inhabitants can simply not resist attraction, which makes for exciting watching and a truly unique experience!

To find out more information on this or the rest of the Manta Resort please head on over to their website here.