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Undisturbed Places

Undisturbed Places is a multiple award-winning time-lapse video from cinematographer Maciej Tomkow that takes you to places usually only seen by the sun and the stars.

Poland-native Tomkow uses the same masterful vision that he did on a video we have previously featured - The Treasures of Zakynthos – and applied it to a vast array of locations predominantly untouched by man.

This breathtaking video is centred around Namibia and Botswana, as they have some of the lowest light pollution anywhere on the planet, and because of this offer the perfect backdrop to the unspoiled, natural, and intact scenery.

Tomków’s goal to invoke inspiration and reflection is achieved with his impressive shots and use of a multi-action control kit, which allows the movement of the sky paired with the movement of the camera to add extra dimension to each shot.
Another unique component of his work in Undisturbed Places is the absence of any human or animal life, allowing the interaction of landscape and light to be the focus of every shot. This portrays the places as truly undisturbed.

Take a look at this awe-inspiring video below.