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The Permanent Icehotel

26 Swedish Icehotels have previously come and gone – melted away back into the river they once came from……until now that is. From now on a permanent Icehotel will remain, even through the summer months, and in a strange twist of fate it is all thanks to the sun.



Fix Up, Look Smart- It's Party Season

Fella’s you’ve worked hard the whole year and now is the time you need to blow off some steam, go out and enjoy yourself. With Christmas parties round the corner, you’ll no doubt be on the hunt for only the finest smart outfit. You’re in luck, here at Cruise we have an extensive collection of luxury brands to ensure you look your very best.



Puma Basket Heart Trainers #DoYou

Introducing the New Basket Heart Trainers from Puma. #DoYou

Puma announced Cara Delevingne as the new face of their Do You campaign. She models a series of sexy workout outfits including the basket heart trainers. She looks incredible, and is joining Rihanna and Kendal Jenner as the brands fiercest female.