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History of Givenchy

It is the fashion house whose name is synonymous with chic, Parisian luxury. One which has roots that run deep into 1950s France, and today continues to be at the helm of modern fashion. Having been the most beloved brand of international style icon, Audrey Hepburn, it is easy to see why Givenchy has maintained its appeal over a period of decades. Take a look at our brief history of Givenchy and what's in store now!


The Best Dressed Guest

Okay, so we know it might be slightly frowned upon to want to be the best dressed guest, especially at a wedding. But let's be honest - us ladies can't help but get a little bit excited at the prospect of a lavish event. Take a look at our selection of three exquisite outfits, of which are guaranteed to give you a strong hand in the style stakes, whether you like to admit you're par-taking in them or not.


Footwear: Flat Out Fabulous

The cool new styles to invest in right now. Give your feet a rest and kick back in something a little more comfortable, but no less stylish. From retro sportswear giants Reebok, to the ultra-luxurious styles of Valentino, and all the espadrille loveliness in between. Besides, if Victoria Beckham can ditch her stilettos, maybe we can too...