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Pea Shoot, Pomegranate & Goats Cheese Summer Salad

Summer Pea Shoot Salad

With the Bank Holiday upon us and summer just round the corner, opt for some seasonal cuisine with this amazing pea shoot, pomegranate and goats cheese salad. Perfect for eating on its own or to be served up at a barbecue.

This recipe serves: 4


- 2 Tbsp. Greek yogurt
- 2 Tbsp. white wine or white balsamic vinegar
- 1 Tbsp. olive or canola oil
- 1 Tbsp. agave nectar (or honey, to taste)
- ¼ Tsp. dried basil
- pinch salt and pepper

- 225g. fresh pea shoots
- 100g of yellow and red cherry tomatoes (optional)
- ¼ to ½ cup crumbled goats cheese
- ¼ cup raw pecans or walnuts, broken into pieces
- ½ cup pomegranate arils


Dressing: Mix the ingredients together and then whisk. Taste and add extra seasonings to suit your personal preference.

Salad: Layer the pea shoots, goats cheese, nuts, (tomatoes if you are using them) and pomegranate arils onto serving plates or in a large bowl. Drizzle with some of the vinaigrette and pass the remaining vinaigrette alongside.