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Vintage Chanel Bags At Cruise

vintage chanel handbag

It's exciting times at Cruise as we have a fine selection of rare and vintage Chanel bags on their way to our online boutique.

Our buyers are always working hard to bring you the latest and greatest pieces from the biggest names in fashion, but a little blast from the past never hurt anybody and so they have looked far and wide to source this exciting collection of genuine vintage handbags.

And while we agree that all designer fashion is special, our selection of vintage Chanel bags each tell their own story and come with the kind of heritage and history that adds a whole other dimension to any outfit –they’re sure to get heads turning and mouths talking.

Stylish, luxurious and unique - this rare and exclusive collection of genuine Chanel pieces all have a minimum vintage age of 10 years or more, making them great investment pieces for any prospective owner.

The selection includes some of the most chic and iconic designs in Chanel’s long and illustrious history and it is an honour to have had them in our grasp at Cruise HQ for photographing, we didn’t want to let them go!

So, be prepared to grab your piece of history with the vintage Chanel collection at Cruise and bring the past to life in exciting new ways.

With the full collection of vintage Chanel bags going online in the very near future, why not whet your appetite with some of the images below.

Chanel at Cruise.

vintage chanel handbag

vintage chanel bag

vintage chanel bags

vintage chanel handbags

vintage chanel