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Bernhard Lang Aerial Photography


A few months ago we brought you the mesmerising pieces of Overview Art courtesy of The Daily Overview. We were truly taken aback by it, so you can imagine our delight to come across a photographer with the same idea.

German photographer Bernhard Lang has been hanging out of small aircraft for 5 years now taking pictures, and whilst this technique does come with a risk factor it does produce stunning images, and this year led to him winning the 2015 Sony World Photo Award in the Travel category.

He started photographing industrial and agricultural sites which included the greenhouse farming region of Almeria, Spain, open pit phosphate mining in Florida, USA, and opencast coal mining in Germany amongst others. However it has been since he has taken to beach and coast photography that the awards have started coming in.

The photo that won Lang the award (seen above) was taken from the series "Aerial Views Adria" (Aerial Photographs of seaside resorts at the Adriatic coastline in Italy, between Ravenna and Rimini), and was selected from over 87,000 entries to the Professional competition.

Please see below for some more images from the Aerial Views Adria series, and for a complete gallery of his work please head on over to his behance page, or visit