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Introducing - Sartoria Tramarossa


1967- the origins.

The finest quality and expertly cut, Sartoria Tramarossa offers the most desirable styles in men’s denim. When it comes to fashion and styling its often easy to over complicate things yet there is nothing more key to an outfit than a solid base of an exquisitely made pair of jeans. Stripping back all that is fashion and trend focused we go back to basics. Buy well and a good pair of jeans will see you throughout the seasons and for years to come.

Sartoria Tramarossa works every day to make their jeans the most beautiful in the world. They choose only the highest quality materials. All the detailing is hand finished in the nest workshops in the district. To all this they add innovation customising, In fact, Sartoria Tramarossa is the only denim that can be signed with the initials of the wearer. The initial thought by Sartoria Tramarossa we to use small and precious metal letters to apply and show the jeans as unique to the wearer and keep that unique personal touch. Now even the external label is customisable, so consumers can choose among the many proposals of refined leather, handcrafted, and change the label to suit your taste.

The brand Tramarossa was created in1967 by Urbano Chemello where he turned his expert knowledge in tailoring to create luxury denim wear using then unheard of materials such as selvedge denim. In 2003 Chemello’s four sons decided to reinvent their fathers brand and began to produce tailored jeans under the name of Sartoria Tramarossa, which translated means ‘Tailoring Tramarossa’ The brand have created a collection and entitled it 24.7, designed with a new generation fabric that boasts with built in ‘memory form’ capability. Today the brand is known for their excellence in Italian craftsmanship, producing luxury denim menswear pieces. Tramarossa denim is immediately identifiable by the two red lines that mark the selvedge, and each pair of the labels distinctive, superior quality jeans is made in the Veneto region of Italy, famed for its textile industry.

Tramarossa has innovated a way that each pair of jeans can be personalised by the wear by adding their initials using metal letters. This alongside each pair being perfumed and individually packaged, only goes to prove what amazing denim jeans Sartoria Tramarossa are.

What more could you ask for in a pair of jeans, wear yours with great pride.