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Stone Island Poly Cover Composite Set Jacket


Notorious for its ability to constantly evolve and produce technically advanced garments, Stone Island continues to be one of the world’s leading producers of functional fashion design and innovative outwear. The intertwining of experimentation, research and development with captivating aesthetics makes the brand an expert in producing garments fit for the contemporary landscape. This continuous process has led to a plethora of successful Stone Island pieces, but of late the Stone Island Poly Cover Set Jacket is surely the most striking. Coming in at £1,375, the jacket is comprised of not one but four layers. The Poly Cover Jacket has one outer jacket and three interchangeable linings that can also be worn alone.

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The outer jacket. It’s matte, semi-transparent and almost colourless. The two component film makes it both water and wind resistant. Advanced dying techniques allows a grey tint to be achieved, giving the jacket visual appeal.


Detachable hooded lining in Poly Fur, a synthetic fur with external silver coloured coating. Contrasting with the grey tint of the opaque outer layer, the metallic sheen of this layer gives this product a unique edge.


The royal blue fleece layer. This lining can be worn on its own and is made with a nylon hood with flock print inside. It features zip fastened pockets and the Stone Island emblem on the arm.


A cream pure wool detachable inner cardigan featuring black zips and buttons with ribbed sleeves completes the four part ensemble. The raised collar makes for additional warmth.