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Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

Everything you can imagine is real was a quote originally by Pablo Picasso, but German artist Justin Peters feels it relates perfectly to his work. With some truly surreal photo manipulations he wants to open people’s eyes and discover a new and different world.

Justin Peters is a 22-year-old German digital surrealist artist who merges reality with his own imagination using Photoshop.
‘Everything you can imagine is real’ by Pablo Picasso is a quote Justin lives by, especially when creating his work: Painting his own dreamworld where everything is possible through the unexpected and unique imagery combinations and photo manipulations.
Justin hopes that when people experience his work, they discover a new and different world, which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind.

Take a look at a selection of his great pieces of work below, and be sure to check his Instagram account here for his full collection.