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The Dior Exhibition

Christian Dior, celebrates the 70th anniversary of the French fashion house with the most exquisite exhibition 'Designer of Dreams'.

On view from July 5, 2017 through January 7, 2018. in Musee des Arts in Paris, the exhibition showcases more than 500 fashion items, oh my goodness, get me on that plane!

The largest exhibition held in Paris for the last 30 years, and from what we've seen we'd certainly say the most impressive.

The exhibition displays items of beauty, femininity and harmony all oozing in Parisian style.

'Designer of Dreams' is much more than the fashion and the celebrities, past and present, who wore it, from Lady Dianna and Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna. The layout takes you on a journey through chronological order and thematic feel, telling us the tale of the man, his house and fashion within art and culture. It is such a story that it fills both of the museum's fashion floors, more than 32,000 square feet in total.

From the beginning we find letters and never seen before photographs from Dior's early childhood, moving into how the designer first began to set out in achieving greatness. The main goal of the exhibition was for the public to see the beauty of art and understand that fashion is art and is not 'easy'. 

Dior, made a point that being surrounded so heavily in art and culture that he understood the complexity of things, but what he loved was simplicity.

With so many beautiful things to look at we could easily spend a full day standing and admiring it all.

Wait for it, the big finale, a towering installation of gowns worn by famous women sits under an elaborate light projection that replicated the hall of mirrors. The meeting of past and present ends in a shower of gold. Much the same as the J'Adore Dior fragrance advert featuring Charlize Theron, Wow, what more can we say?!