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The Saatchi Selfie Competition


Whilst it isn't the first time that the selfie has been elevated to gallery status, 'From Selfie To Self Expression' at the Saatchi Gallery in London will be the world's first exhibition exploring it's history. Love them or loathe them, #saatchiselfie is a competition offering entrants the chance to be part of this worldwide cultural phenomenon.


Beauty Of Science - Dissolving M&M's

What is art? It’s an age old question, that really can’t be answered as it can take many different shapes and forms, both weird and wonderful. However surely you have to draw the line at dropping a simple M&M into some water? Turns out you really don’t, as when you film it in 4K with a time-lapse effect it creates something truly stunning.


The Siena International Photo Awards 2016

Although only in it’s second year the Siena International Photo Awards has attracted huge participation from the photography community with almost 50,000 entries from 130 countries, and some of the most stunning a breathtaking photographs of 2016.



The Moon And The Crow

The Natural History Museum has published it’s stunning winning entries in the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards, which discovers, encourages and rewards the next generation of aspiring wildlife photographers.



The Art Of Design by Gray Malin

There’s picturesque photo shoots and then there’s the ones Gray Malin goes on. For his latest one entitled ‘The Art Of Design’ he packed up some house furniture and headed off to the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and the idyllic islands of French Polynesia.



Scott Kelly: Out Of This World Photography

How do you pass the time when you are at the International Space Station for 340 days consecutively? Reading a book, playing cards, watching dvd’s, or how about photography? However when you’re 250 miles above earth the pictures you take are not of the norm. You could literally say they are out of this world.



DIY Mother's Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, we hope you are all suitably organised so that you can show your love and gratitude, and celebrate just what an amazing person your Mother is. However if you aren’t prepared yet then here are a few ideas of gifts that you can make yourself.