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Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

British Pie Week has been growing every year with more and more pie-lovers everywhere seeking their ultimate pie perfection. So to celebrate and offer you some ins-pie-ration here is a Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe guaranteed to warm you up and satisfy your taste buds.



Classic Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

The upcoming UK Burger Battle in Leicester has got our stomachs rumbling and taste buds tingling, and it has made us dig out a favourite recipe of ours. No fancy names or gimmicks needed, but maximum taste and enjoyment guaranteed with a ClassicBacon Cheeseburger Recipe.



A New Years Teatox Anyone?

For those of you wanting to start the new year fit and healthy there's a new way to detox that’s proving to be a hit: teatox. This takes one of the world's most popular beverages and spruces it up with a variety of ingredients that can result in weight loss, detoxification, and increased energy - just what you need to get 2016 off on the right foot.