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The Dark Side Of Food

They do always say that black is never out of fashion, and when it comes to culinary creations that’s just as well, as we are finding more and more food products crossing over to the dark side with everything from burgers to ice-cream. You could say black is the new black.


The Schoolhouse Restaurant

With delicious food served on canteen trays, and complete with lockers, coat hooks, books, desks, and memorabilia you can now take a trip down memory lane with The Schoolhouse Restaurant. You might even want to get a detention.


Augmented Reality Cocktails

Combining real life with computer-generated images, augmented reality is aimed at enhancing people’s experience of the real world……and that includes drinking cocktails. At City Social in London just pick your favourite drink from the ‘Mirage Menu’, and then sit back, relax and let technology do the rest.


Breakfast In Bed

Whether it's after a long hard week at work, a special occasion like a birthday, or simply just to put a smile on someone's face, there really is no better way to start the day than with breakfast in bed. So with that said here are some fantastic new recipe's to try.


SIX Restaurant

While the contemporary art exhibits of the Baltic offer some strange and wonderful sights, the best spectacle of this gallery is found from the window of its rooftop restaurant. Producing food like works of art, welcome to SIX.


Whiskey Stones & Glasses

Can your favourite tipple be enhanced by the glass it’s enjoyed from? We think it can, so we’ve put together a collection of must-have spirit glasses, and to make sure you never compromise the taste of your bourbon there’s whiskey stones too.


The Fish Bar With A View

Born from a love of fresh, honest, and healthy seafood, a husband and wife team set out in 2012 to highlight what produce was available locally. With two converted shipping containers set up on Tynemouth shorefront Riley’s Fish Shack has done just that whilst earning rave reviews along the way.


Grapefruit Soda Cocktail

With the Great British weather still indifferent, and summer on the slightly grey horizon it’s only natural people are thinking about jetting off to climates new. However if you’re not lucky enough to be getting away then sit back, close your eyes and enjoy one of these.